The first term in HMIS has just ended

The first term in HMIS has just ended and it was indeed a successful and enjoyable four month of learning with the parents, teachers and more importantly, the children. Everyone definitely had a lot of fun leanring, playing and building wonderful memories with their friends!


For the month of April, the children learned about what the school is all about. Here, their daily routine, classroom expectations and behavior have been discussed to them through games and hands on exploration. Also, they learned about the members of their classes, their teachers and all the people they interact with in school. Here in HybridMom, we want the children to feel that this is their second home!



For the month of May, the children learned about their families and how families can be different from one another. Some families have pets, some families have siblings, and some families are big and some families are small. Despite the differences, they have learned that LOVE is good for the family!


To wrap up this exciting theme, the children enjoyed a FAMILY PICNIC with their families! They were able to sing songs and do exciting activities that they learn in school with their mommies and daddies.





For the month of June, the children learned about animals. They have discovered which animals live in the zoo, farm, and the jungle. They have also enjoyed mimicking the sound that the animals make. Imitating animal movements also made the children learn about various kinds of animals.


For the month of July, the children have been learning about their community and the people in it. They explored the different community helpers and how these important people help our community. They enjoyed participating in various activities such as pretending to be firefighters, bakers, builders, and so much more!


"Molding Global minded thinkers through
Play and Happiness everyday!"



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