Welcome to HybridMom International School Okinawa!
HYBRIDMOM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OKINAWA is a candidate school for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years
Programme and pursuing authorization as an IB World School.

The Director of Our School

APRIL 2023

To the HybridMom Learning Community,

Welcome to the new school year! I am deeply moved by your warm welcome as your new school director. I hope this school year will bring everyone joy as we all appreciate the little things. I intend to work with all of you towards the same goal which is to care for each child and enrich their daily experience with us here in HybridMom. With all teachers, staff and parents working together, HybridMom is where children thrive in unfolding their potential in meaningful and fun ways. 

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Sincerely, Eliza Encho


At our nursery, the nursery teachers and  the children spend a lot of time communicating, and we cherish that time more than anything else.
Because we have plenty of time to watch the children, we can realise a safe and high-quality education.
We value the moments spent to come in contact not only with the nursery teachers, but also with excellent preschool teachers, experienced in infant English education.
Every day, we conduct a fun curriculum made from a combination of songs, sensory play and games, and our preschool teachers are also taking part in childcare activities, in order to make English become familiar.

Our Staff

Nursery Teacher in Okinawa: Yuka Yoza 

What is the uniqueness of HybridMom Okinawa?

It is spacious and cozy.
The Family Day in July usually is held on the beach against the blue sea, and the weather is so blessed and the parents and the children is enjoying.I think that it is only in Okinawa that events can be held in such an environment.

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Major Events


2023 年 4 月
HybridMom へようこそ!


HybridMom では、子どもたち一人ひとりをケアし、



HybridMom International School 沖縄
施設長 エライザ・テ





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沖縄保育士:與座 祐香


ゆったりとしていて、アットホームな雰囲気です。7月に行われるFamily Dayでは青い海をバックにビーチで行い、保護者や子どもたちはとても喜びます。




 〒900-0023 沖縄県那覇市楚辺2-34-22
  • 壺川駅から徒歩10min
  • 奥武山公園駅から徒歩13min
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