UserVoice - Mr. and Mrs. Maeda

During pregnancy, I visited HybridMom Okinawa, and the the place was wide and bright, and it was so impressive for us. The kids were happily singing English songs when I visited, so my husband and I wanted our son to register by all means!  Since both of us can't speak English well, we've been wishing our son to be familiar with English in a natural way from early childhood, so the morning circle time etc. were very attractive for us.

Our son was admitted to HybridMom International School Okinawa when he was 11 months old, so it is a 0-year-old class. However, the teachers watch the degree of growth of my son, it seems that he responce to the same playings and learnings as 1-year-olds. 

We have experienced in nursery schools that it is difficult for parents to do things while working, such as practicing walking, going outside wearing shoes, watering plants, and working.

In addition, because of the small number of kids, the teachers give detailed consideration and carefully share the process of growth.

Thanks to the HybridMom philosophy of "supporting parents who aim to achieve self-realization while taking care of children," we are able to do their utmost in work and childcare!

We are looking forward to various recreations in the near future.








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